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Annual Exams

Annual Exams for Adults

A yearly physical examination, also known as Preventive Medicine exams for adults are essential for many reasons. It helps to determine and record how the body is functioning. It gives the physician an opportunity to get a full history of the patient’s health. The doctors at Westchester Health Center will perform the essential tests to evaluate the patient’s health status. The exam can be performed to assist in general health or diagnose a specific problem.

Often patients may not experience any symptoms or issues with their health, but a yearly exam may help detect hidden issues. Maintaining good health is very important, and all adults should be vigil in staying current.

Because physical examination requirements vary based on sex, age, and current body conditions, it is recommended to have an exam once a year. Based on the doctor’s findings, they will advise you on your next check-up date or ask you to come in for more testing. Every doctor’s physical examination process is different. Rest assured that the professionals at Westchester Health Center are dedicated to your optimal health.

Physical Female Examination

During a female exam, the patient can expect a breast and pelvic exam. Our professionals will feel for any abnormal lumps that may be a sign of a breast condition or cancer. The doctor also feels for nodules under the arms. The doctor will also check for any sexually transmitted diseases, perform a pap smear, and examine the vulva, vagina, and cervix for any abnormalities. If the patient has her own gynecologist, the doctor will ask to relay their results to his office to include in the patient’s medical chart to maintain a complete health analysis.

Physical Male Examination

During a male examination, the licensed professional will check the testicles for tenderness, lumps, and changes in size. The doctor will also check the penis for any signs of any problems. Usually, a man with suspicions of a sexually transmitted disease will feel symptoms before meeting with a doctor. If the patient is over 40, the doctor will do a prostate exam as well. If requested the doctor will refer the patient to a specialist.

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